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Monday through Friday: 9am - 5pm



701 Old Mescalero Road
Tularosa, NM. 88352


701 Old Mescalero Road
Tularosa, NM, 88352
United States


Zukali is a purveyor of distinctive, handcrafted Mexican gourmet products. Our products are inspired by Mexican heritage while blending familiar ingredients to create unique recipes.

Our Story

Big taste, small beginnings. Zukali Mexican Gourmet was born out of a passion for making food and salsas at cookouts with friends and family. One of the dishes I enjoyed preparing most was roasted jalapeños. I would fire roast them on the grill, add some lime juice and a dash of salt, and serve them up for people to enjoy. And they did! After much encouragement from friends and family I thought, why not sell them?

I began experimenting with different spices until I perfected the recipe for our first born in the product line: Fire Roasted Jalapeños, marinated in a blend of soy sauce, lime juice, and spices. More products are in the works as I continue to play with different ingredients, finding new spins on traditional recipes. Stay tuned!

Here at Zukali, flavor is foremost. We believe in quality food toppings that are both authentic and distinctive. We may be small, but we hope to make a big impression.

Come join us in a tasty and exciting journey of discovery through food!